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Clay’s RV & Powersports  did repair the roof on my 30′ Landau this week. what an Excellent job they did. Not only does it look excellent and like a new motorhome again, but it’s completely quieter and LEAK FREE. I also found out while I was in Clay’s that they can replace the refrigerator in my RV. which I will be pleased to have them do as soon as I am back in town. A Million thanks to Clay and the team at Clay’s RV and Powersports. Andrew.

Call Clay’s RV Repair (801).972-1110

RV Roof Repair  Motor Home Leak ? Trailer Water Damage ? Broken Windshield  Awning Furnace  Refrigerator  Water Heater  Collision Accident and Hail Damage? Insurance Claims Welcome.  Trailer Wiring  Brakes  Bearings  Axles  Lights  Siding  Rubber Roof Awning Repair, Installation or Replacement. Call or stop by Clays.


5 Star Rated recreational vehicle repair center

Magnum Inverter Installation

MagnaSine Inverter Installation, Wiring, Mounting.CAMERA

4x 6 volt battery bank, recessed battery box.  3d printed battery spacers and perforated steel bottom allow plenty of ventilation and lower temperatures while charging. custom battery cover protects battery terminals and allows for storage about batteries.


Blue Sky solar controller, Breakers, disaster fuse, trimetric shunt, keeping all cables as short as possible keeps things simple, safe and efficient.

Passing Thru

Just Checking in to say thanks for the great installation of our solar system, inverter charger and battery bank.  we are able to use our generator much less often now.

Thanks Again.

Battery Charger

noco_genius_boost_jump_starter_main-u252Safe and Smart Battery Charger / Jumper, on Sale at Clay’s RV.

The GB30 is an ultra-portable and compact lithium-ion jump starter for 12- volt lead acid batteries. It can safely jump start a dead battery in seconds, like on a car, boat, motorcycle, ATV, RV, lawn mower, truck and more. The GB30 is powered by a High-Density NOCO Element lithium-ion battery that can hold its charge up to one year, and handle over 1,000 cycles. Features spark-proof technology and reverse polarity protection to safely jump start a vehicle.

5th Wheel Repair

I recommend Clays RV because they have excellent staff and customer service, their prices are competitive and I have been very pleased with their work.


Salt Lake City

Could an Ebola outbreak happen in Utah?

Ebola outbreak in Utah?  the experts say it’s unlikely.  Though I was taught growing up to be prepared for adversity.

We feel lucky living here in Utah, Idaho, Wyoming etc. having vast amounts of un-developed land, not only for recreation, but in being prepared for worst case scenario situations where we may need to maintain “off-grid” shelter.  many of you have RV trailers or a motorhome already. That’s a great starting point for temporary shelters.   We have updated and improved many customers and even our own RV’s for extended Off-Grid sustainability.

  • Solar Power & Solar Charging Systems
  • Electrical Generators
  • Inverters / Charger Units
  • Batteries / Extended run time Battery Banks
  • Improved Water Systems
  • Wood Burning Stove / heating
  • Cooking Appliances

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Just a few Customer Reviews:

Heinz RV was the shop I used for many years, I called and since drove by and they are out of business.  I asked around my RV friends and they told me that some of the heinz technicians now work at Clay’s RV. I looked them up and found their salt lake location, I took my motorhome in to have my roof inspected and sealed. I was pleased to see some familiar faces.  They did an excellent job and I am definitely a new customer of theirs and will recommend to my fellow RV travelers.

I’ve taken all my RVs, my motorhome and my toy hauler to Clay’s. I have had the whole rubber roof replaced on my motorhome,  the siding and body damage on my toy hauler ( from an accident I was in and clays was about to help with the insurance claim ) the Technicians at have serviced all my toy’s. I have both dirtbikes and snowmobiles they have kept them running smooth! I recommend you stop in.

Service & Repair for these fine brands and More, at our now SLC, Ut location.

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RV Fire Hazards –  Carbon Monoxide RV Dangers

According to the latest statistical information provided by USFA, there are on average approximately 4000 RV fires per year. These losses account for all types of listed causes, including some fires that are blamed on refrigerator issues.
When the coach is plugged into shore power, there are many components that are active besides the
refrigerator. Such components include the shore power connection, the inverter / converter, the circuit breaker and fuse panel, as well as components such as the microwave clock, and other related subsystems. If the coach is equipped with a solar panel, this too will be energized if there is any sunlight
regardless of whether the coach is plugged into shore power or not.
During the course of examining a recreational vehicle and its related propane system components, the downstream gas pressure off the regulator should be non-destructively tested when possible. Using a manometer will verify the working supply pressure
It has been found that one of the most common appliances to be blamed as cause in recreational vehicle fires is the refrigerator.
Ventilation plays a key role in recreational vehicle losses especially involving the refrigerator compartment.
The reason this is important is because the refrigerator compartment is basically a small box with two vents to the exterior allowing air to flow continuously while the refrigerator is in operation.
Any type of a fire that either impinges upon or originates in this compartment will have a free flow of combustion air. In addition, this compartment has a propane gas fuel supply, which supplies the combustible vapor to the refrigerator. Any fire that either impinges upon or migrates to in this
compartment, can easily breach the propane line.
There are additional less commonly examined sources of potential ignition that are unrelated to a manufacturing problem or design defect Issues such
as previous repairs and proper servicing, lack of maintenance, potential debris buildup (insect nesting), and a condition of “off level” are all important considerations in a fire loss. These are all the responsibility
of the owner or operator of the vehicle.
Recreational vehicle refrigerators are designed to operate on specific tolerances. If operated outside of these tolerances, the cooling system can be damaged and a potential failure can result. Generally speaking, the refrigerators need to be nearly level at all times when parked in order to operate properly.
The tolerances are clearly listed in the Owner’s Manuals and are generally 3° front to back and 6° side to side (in relation to the front of the RV) from level when parked. If the coach is parked outside of these strict tolerances, the cooling system may become blocked, resulting in significant damage. This is not of such concern however when the coach is in operation driving down the road, because the natural motion of the vehicle keeps the cooling
system from forming blockages.
Debris and combustible materials in the refrigerator compartment also pose a significant hazard that must be considered. Owners manuals and installation manuals from the manufacturer, repeatedly warn the owner to frequently check all compartments including the refrigerator and to verify that there is no dust or debris inside. Given that the refrigerator compartment is an enclosed structure with a top bottom vent and contains a heat producing appliance, it is not uncommon to find such material in the refrigerator
compartment. Because some of this material may be combustible, any competent ignition source could ignite this material, resulting in a fire.

RV, CO Dangers

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a colorless, odorless, and poisonous gas that results from the incomplete combustion of fuels
, such as natural or liquefied petroleum (LP) gas, gasoline, oil, wood, coal, and other fuels. The health effects related to CO depend upon its concentration in blood, which in turn, depends upon its concentration in air, the duration of exposure, and anindividual’s general health. Carbon monoxide combines with the body’s hemoglobin (Hb) with an affinity about 250 times that of oxygen, forming carboxyhemoglobin (COHb) and interfering with oxygen transport, delivery, and utilization. Generally, there are no perceptible health effects or symptoms in healthy individuals at COHb levels below 10 percent. Symptoms associated with blood levels at or above 10 percent COHb include:
headache, fatigue, nausea, and cognitive impairment. Loss of consciousness, coma, and death can occur at COHb levels greater than 20 percent; although for healthy adults, CO fatalities typically require levels above 50 percent COHb.
Some symptoms of CO poisoning may mimic common illnesses, such as influenza or colds; thus, there likely is a high incidence of initial misdiagnosis by physicians and victims (Longand Saltzman, 1995).
Frequently, patients are unaware of exposures, and health care
providers may not always consider CO poisoning a cause of such nonspecific symptoms. COHb formation is reversible, as are some clinical symptoms of CO poisoning. However, some delayed neurological effects that develop following severe poisonings, especially those involving
prolonged unconsciousness, may not be reversible. Prompt medical attention is important to reduce the risk of permanent damage.
Any fuel-burning appliance can be a potential source of fatal or hazardous CO levels. Fuels, such as natural and LP gas, kerosene, oil, coal, and wood can produce large amounts of CO when there is insufficient oxygen available for combustion. Consumer products that burn kerosene, oil, coal,
or wood (such as wood stoves, oil boilers, and kerosene heaters)
produce an irritating smoke that can alert the victim to a potentially hazardous situation.
Engine-driven tools
powered by gasoline engines produce large amounts of CO, even when they are run where there is sufficient oxygen available for combustion, yet
they may not emit an irritating exhaust smoke.
Other fuels, such as charcoal briquettes and pressed wood-chip logs produce relatively smokeless fires, even at times of inefficient combustion. In these cases, victims receive no obvious sensory warning that high CO levels are present.
Another hazard scenario is present when gas appliances
are not vented properly or are malfunctioning. Natural and LP gas burn more efficiently and cleanly, compared with other forms of fuel. In circumstances of poor maintenance, inadequate ventilation, or faulty exhaust pathways, natural and LP gas appliances may emit potentially lethal amounts of CO without any irritating fumes. Again, many victims may be unaware of a potential problem…




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